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Georgina - 10 Nov 2019

Great food and del was spot on. Love being able to pick a del time.

Simon - 09 Nov 2019

Good food and service. The best part was the Chicken Pakora

James - 07 Nov 2019

I’m really surprised with today’s order ... It was supposed to be chicken Dansak it was more like a mild korma without lentils it was dull without the spice & flavour .. what happened ?. tonight’s order & the mushroom rice had pineapple such a weird choice !

Elaine - 06 Nov 2019

Nice zalawala should of been chicken not lamb but very nice anyway and was my first lamb curry ???? I think it could be squirrel and still be ok ???? lol

Adam - 03 Nov 2019

Excellent food and service. Never have a any problem.

Service : Dine In

Tom - 03 Nov 2019

I was short of a plain naan bread and a portion of pilau rice when I got home. Food tasted lovely and was on time on my advanced booking. I tried to gain a refund but they refused stating that I could get my missing food on my next order!

Brian - 01 Nov 2019

Fantastic food. The quality food serviced as were very regular customer. Excellent choice menu you never disappointed. Indian, English and Chinese food are service too. Food Hygiene rate 5*****.

Service : Dine In

Tom - 29 Oct 2019

Very Good

Jessica - 14 Oct 2019

Very good as always. Very good costumer service by owner and Misu.

Service : Dine In

Tom - 14 Oct 2019

Delivery was almost 2 hours. Naan breads burnt and curry had more mushrooms than meat. It never used to have mushrooms, and it tasted horrible. Overpriced, slow and not as good as it used to be.

Katie - 12 Oct 2019


Dave - 06 Oct 2019

Our favourite family restaurant. Never disappointed. Best Indian restaurant. We have try and tried to try all Indian kings Lynn, this is place we enjoyed more. They have very good chefs and recently join another chefs he’s very popular another restaurant kings Lynn, now taste of India. I hope people who’s disappointed before this place I like to say please try now. Thank you.

Service : Dine In

Tom - 04 Oct 2019

Tasty foods

Dave - 03 Oct 2019

My favourite place. Me and my family try all Indian in the kings Lynn. This is place we like and order takeaway or eating, best Indian and some of food English dish or Chinese excellent as well.

Service : Dine In

Tom - 29 Sep 2019

Obviously a bad night, 2 and a half hours late - food was still warm

Reece - 26 Sep 2019

Excellent food. Late delivery but food hot as normal and quality. Busy restaurant and busy times we understand. We will come again.

Service : Dine In

Tom - 24 Sep 2019

Ordered over 2 hours ago and have not yet received order. Been trying to phone restaurant to try and see what the situation is to get no answer on the phone. Eventually got hold of them and stated that we placed the order OVER 2 hours ago and that it was now 40 minutes late from what was stated only to be hung up on! Absolutely shocking service from a restaurant we have previously only said good things about. Will definitely not be recommending this company again after this evenings happenings.

Philippa - 21 Sep 2019

Didnt even get delivered not very impressed at all

sophie - 21 Sep 2019

Ordered at 615, arrived at 825,1hr and 20 mins late after a phone call. Items missing from order and had to reheat in microwave! Have asked for refund.

Barbara - 21 Sep 2019

Placed an order online for delivery. Was told approximately 1 hour wait and ended up waiting 1 hour and 35 minutes. But when the food arrived as much as it was annoying to wait so long the food was beautiful. Definitely worth ordering or visiting.

Amber - 21 Sep 2019


Elizabeth - 21 Sep 2019

consistently good food

Richard - 20 Sep 2019

Excellent takeaway, tasty and lovely and hot

Richard - 20 Sep 2019

By far the best indian ive ever had take away from or visited

Joe - 17 Sep 2019

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