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Note: Now doing delivery to Upper Marham, burnham market, Downhan Market, Great Massingham and Narborough for a £5 delivery charge.
Orders can be placed only before 9:00 oclock.
We deliver to  PE30, PE31- 6 and 7, PE33 - 0 and 9, PE34- 3 and 4 ,  PE14 -7 and 8, PE32 - 1 and 2, PE35 - 6, PE12-9, PE38 - 9.

Please note: Any special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Special Offers

Special offers cannot be used in conjunction with other offers

Curry Meal Deal  

1 Poppadom, 1 curry, 1 pilau rice & plain naan bread

Tikka Masala Deal  

1 Poppadom, 1 chicken OR lamb tikka masala, 1 pilau rice & 1 plain naan bread

Madras Meal Deal  

Chicken OR lamb OR beef madras, pilau, naan bread & 1 poppadom

Chinese Sweet & Sour Meal Deal  

1 Prawn crackers, 1 chicken sweet & sour OR lamb sweet & sour, 1 vegetable spring roll, 1 egg rice & can of Coke



To compliment your meal - yoghurt




Served off the bone cooked in a clay oven

Stuffed Peppers  

Green pepper stuffed with minced lamb/chicken tikka or vegetables

Chaat Puri  

Mixed with herbs, spices & massala served on a friend Indian puri bread



vegetable, chicken or lamb wrapped in thin pastry and deep fried


Chinese Starters

Grilled Food

Freshly cooked in the steamer, marrinated in a blend of spices & finished on a charcoal grill. Served with salad and mint sauce
Choose from: Peri Peri, Mango & Lime, Lemon & Herb OR Salt & Pepper

Fish Dishes

Special Fish Dish

English dishes

Children menu

Burger & Chips  

Beef Specials

Rice dishes

All rice dishes use basmati rice

Naan Bread

Cooked in Indian clay oven


Side dishes

All served medium hot

Curry Sauce  

Traditional Curries


Mild with a coconut flavoured cream sauce


Mixed spices in a medium sauce


Medium cooked with tomatoes


Medium, with fried onions, green pepper & tomato


Fairly hot, with fresh green chillies, onions & spices




Fairly hot


Very hot


Medium with capsicum, tomato, onion & spices


Fairly hot, cooked with coconut powder

Biryani dishes

Cooked with basmati pilau rice & delicate spices, served with a separate mixed vegetable curry


Tikka Biryani  

Balti dishes

Authentic Balti Dishes delicate combination of herbs & spices that makes these dishes very tasteful. Cooked with fresh onion, green pepper, a touch of coriander & a special balti sauce

Tikka Balti  

Special Mixed Balti  

Chicken, Lamb and Prawn

Chinese Main Dishes

Sweet and Sour  

Chicken or lamb with a Chinese style sweet and sour sauce

Persian dishes

Try these dishes for something with a little difference. Mild, medium or hot cooked with lentils in a sweet & sour sauce



Duck dishes

Chefs specialities

Tikka Massala  

Very mild, chicken or lamb cooked in a special sauce with cream, almonds & mixed nut powder

Free Range Chicken Special  

Cooked with pure Indian spicy, delicious & mouth watering dish. Mild - Medium - Hot

Special Korahi  

Medium, chicken, lamb or king prawn tikka with onion, tomato, green pepper, mushroom & spinach

Tikka Chilli Massala Special  

Fairly hot, chicken, lamb or kings prawn tikka marinated with special spices & chillies


Medium, chicken, lamb or king prawn with onion, green peppers in a special sauce


Hot, Diced chicken tikka, lamb tikka or king prawn cooked with onion, capsicum & mixed pickles in a special sauce


Chicken, lamb, prawn or king prawn with herbs, spices, ginger & shatkora fruit, a popular mouth watering dish from West Bengal


Chicken, lamb, prawn or king prawn. Fairly hot, coriander, tomato, ginger, garlic, pepper & Bengal naga chilli in a thick sauce


Cooked with mixed tandoori spices and dry herbs together with spinach, fresh coriander, garlic and lemon juice to give this dish an extra special texture.


Chicken, lamb or king prawn cooked in butter ghee in a mild sauce


Chicken, lamb, prawn or king prawn cooked in red winem with exotic mild spices in a rich & very

Special Korma  

For a very special occasion. Chicken, lamb or kings prawn with bay leaves & cinnamon

Phalok Tikka Masala  

Chicken or lamb cooked in a special tikka massala sauce with spinach

Taste of India Special  

Chicken, lamb or king prawn cooked with cheese, coconut & almond powder in a special sauce


Chicken, lamb or kings prawn with fresh mango, cashew nuts & medium spices in a thick sauce

Anya Special  

Cooked with fresh onion, fresh garlic, ginger & special sauce, mouth watering dish

Royal Special  

Freshly prepared chicken, lamb or kings prwan, garlic, ginger, onion & green pepper Medium Spice


Chicken OR lamb, freshly cooked with sweet chilli sauce, onion, garlic & mushroom, mouth watering dish

Ronny Special  

Cooked with fresh onion, green pepper & garlic in a sweet & sour sauce

Goa Special  

Cookeed with yogurt and mint. A traditional meal from Goa, India

Manager Special  

Cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, green pepper and served with pilau rice

Tandoori Dishes

Meat, chicken or king prawn in a blend of freshly ground spices, herbs & yoghurt sauce barbecued in a clay oven. Served sizzling with a green salad & a mint yoghurt sauce.

Tikka (Main)  

 Chicken or Lamb served off the bone with fried onions

Shashlick (Main)  

Served on skewers with onion, capsicum & tomato

Homemade Pizzas

One size pizza available only

Taste of Bangladesh

Tatul Bahar  

Cooked with spicy mango chutney, onion, green pepper fairly hot 

Lalsag Special  

Cooked with red Bangladesh spinach with green chilli and onion fairly hot mouth watering dish.

  • Chicken
    £ 9.95 Closed
  • Lamb
    £ 9.95 Closed
  • King Prawn
    £ 11.95 Closed
  • Duck
    £ 11.95 Closed
  • Fish
    £ 11.95 Closed
  • Beef
    £ 9.95 Closed

Shaboji Special  

Cooked with fresh mixed vegetable medium spiced


 All served with chips


Jacket Potato

All served with chips

Ice Cream


Alcoholic Drink

Special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any Drinks Order.

Tiger Beer  



Kopparberg Mixed Fruit  

Bottle of Guinness (pint)  



Handmade Cocktails

Alcohol Cocktails

White Wine

Special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any Drinks Order.

Red Wine

Special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any Drinks Order.

Rose Wine

Special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any Drinks Order.


Special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any Drinks Order.


Special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any Drinks Order.


Diet Coca-Cola  


Fanta Fruit Twist  

7 UP  



Lassi (Large)  

Yoghurt blend with mango OR salt

Fruits Shot  

Dr Pepper  



 Excluded any discount 
We strictly operate the challenge 25 knockback policy
No ID No Sale
Cigarettes only to be sold with a takeaway meal.
Restaurant has right to refuse cigarettes sale without any reason.

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